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Apr 17, 2017
Town Hall, The Evergrey, and The People’s Press Club of Seattle present
Moving Mountains
Healing the Ideological Divide
Monday, April 17, 2017, 7:30PM
The Forum

In the wake of November’s presidential election, The Evergrey founders Anika Anand and Monica Guzman took Washington Post reporter Philip Bump’s advice “to drive to a place that voted differently than where you live and make some friends.” Using a tool Bump created that showed the closest place that voted the opposite of King County, the duo led about 20 people on a road trip to Sherman County, Oregon, where 74 percent of voters supported Donald Trump. There they initiated and facilitated difficult conversations, helping participants glean new insights about their differences. Others in Seattle and across the country are taking similar initiatives attempting to bridge the social and political divides by encouraging sustained engagement between people with vastly different opinions, perspectives, and experiences. Hear from Anand and Guzman—along with Bo Zhang, creator of Between Americans, as well as Kellie Newton and Heidi Petak of—about why they started their projects and what they’ve learned so far.

Presented by: The Evergrey, The People’s Press Club of Seattle, and Town Hall as a part of our Civics series.

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True Brown Foundation

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KUOW 94.9
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