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Mar 30, 2016
Michael Waldman
Winning ‘The Fight to Vote’
Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 7:30PM
The Forum

Michael Waldman

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In the midst of this year’s presidential election, understanding the right to vote—and why exercising this right is so important—is crucial to the future of the country. According to NYU’s Michael Waldman (The Second Amendment), this “sometimes vicious” fight has been at the center of American politics since the beginning. He’ll dive into the history of voting, from counting slaves as part of the population and restricting votes to property-owners, to granting women the right to vote, while making it hard for them to do so. He’ll also tackle ongoing issues in the current voting system (including voter ID laws and unfair representation which hits close to home for Washington state)  to offer a glimpse at a possible future for voting rights.   

Learn more: Read a review of The Fight to Vote.

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