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Tue 12/8, 2015, 7:30pm
Megan Watzke
The Unseen Power of Light

Watzke Light book jacket

Light is one of the most important–and powerful–particles in the universe, but humans can only see a small portion of its spectrum. Why do we see the things that we see? How do unseen light particles affect our daily lives? Seattle-based NASA press officer Megan Watzke–author of the visually-inspiring Your Ticket to the Universe— has turned her attention to light and all of its properties. She’ll explore the many, often surprising ways light (from the sun in the sky, to radio waves and x-rays) interacts with us and shapes the universe we live in. (She’ll also share some striking visuals from the book, Light, in a presentation that will instill a new way to love–and see–one of the most common aspects of science).

Learn more: Watch the book trailer.

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Presented by: Town Hall and Elliott Bay Book Company, as part of The Seattle Science Lectures.

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