Mar 21, 2016
UW Science Now
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Max Showalter and Jason James
Arctic Bacteria, Clues to the Universe; Soil’s Place in the Global Carbon Cycle
Monday, March 21, 2016, 6:00PM
The Forum at Town Hall (west entrance)


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Much can be learned from the extreme conditions of the Arctic, including bacterial life present in sea ice. Max Showalter (Oceanography and Astrobiology student) will share his research on these organisms and how they can improve the search for life elsewhere in the universe. Are we alone in the universe? The hardy bacteria of the arctic could give clues to these and other age-old questions—how to look, where to look, and what to look for. Next up, Jason James (PhD student in UW’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences) has been studying what he calls the “excited skin of the Earth”—soil. He’ll explain how soil reveals the mysterious history of Earth’s landscapes, with an emphasis on soil’s place in the global carbon cycle. How does carbon in Earth’s soil move into groundwater, streams, rivers, and the atmosphere? James will have the answer to this and, even better, solutions for managing humanity’s soil usage to reduce the planet’s atmospheric carbon levels.

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Presented by: Town Hall and the University of Washington, as part of its UW Science Now series.


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