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Nov 17, 2014
Matt Parker
Math to Make You Laugh
Monday, November 17, 2014, 7:30PM
The Forum


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Stand up mathematician Matt Parker loves numbers. He loves them so much that he’s written a book solely to get other people to love them also. Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension takes Parker’s trademark “exponentially funny” humor and analyzes everything from the foundations of math, to the perfect algorithms for dating. He’ll explain why some number-haters got turned off the subject in the first place, and give insight into how even the most skeptical can become ardently enthralled with mathematics. Parker is a stand up comedian, lecturer, and creator of MathsJam.
Learn more: About Parker.
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[/tab] [tab title=”ENGAGE”]Post-Event Community Program: At 9pm, following Parker’s talk, there will be a post-event program, in the form of interactive math games with Zeno. There will be a range of fun puzzles for all ages, math abilities, and a showcase of Zeno’s curriculum. The event will be hosted by Nate Corwin, Community Programs Manager at Zeno Math Powered.

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[/tab] [tab title=”PARTNERS”]Presented by: Town Hall, Zeno Math Powered, and University Book Store, as part of the Seattle Science Lectures, sponsored by Microsoft. Series media sponsorship provided by KPLU.[/tab] [/tabs]



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