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Wed 4/3, 2013, 7:30pm
Maria Semple and Nancy Pearl
‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’

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Sure, she’s been perched on the bestseller lists in LA, New York, and points exotic for weeks and weeks and weeks, but we all know home for Bernadette is Seattle. In this wickedly funny epistolary novel, a woman is so traumatized by artistic failure that she directs her creative energy toward ranting about her newly adopted city: the other mothers at her daughter’s school, the Craftsman architecture, the suffocating political correctness, our gray skies, our two hairstyles (long gray and short gray). And while author Maria Semple herself found Seattle a humorless bore on moving here in 2008 (from LA, where she’d been a writer for Arrested Development and Mad About You), in the time between completion and publication she’s acknowledged a grudging affection for her new home. The feeling is mutual, minus the grudge: The Seattle Times wrote: “Semple has a big heart, and possesses that rare ability to skewer, dissect and empathize with her targets, all at the same time.” Nancy Pearl’s our guide in teasing out the book’s most deliciously dead-on bits. Presented by Town Hall as part of the Arts & Culture series, with University Book Store.

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