Tue 1/12, 2016, 7:30pm
Marc Goodman
Combating Tomorrow’s Cybercrimes

Marc Goodman

Sony hacks, Wikileaks, and this summer’s Ashley Madison scandal have exposed corporations–and individuals–to the realities of our online world. One where, according to cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman, information isn’t safe. Goodman’s Future Crimes, called “an alarming view of the burgeoning dark side of the internet,” (Kirkus Review) explains how all of us are susceptible to criminal activity online. From basic identity theft and stalking via GPS on smartphones, to spying on families through baby monitors and even taking control of someone’s pacemaker, our increasingly technology-dependent world is rife with vulnerabilities. A longtime cybercrime consultant for INTERPOL and others, Goodman (founder of the organization Future Crimes) will explore some of the unexpected ways technology can be controlled by others, and offer concrete steps society can take to guard itself from attack.

Learn more: Listen to Goodman’s TED Talk on Future Crimes.

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