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Fri 5/5, 2017, 7:30pm
Red May Tour
Luxury for All

Automation reducing the work day to three hours? The basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter provided for everyone? The only problem left: how to occupy one’s leisure. That’s the future British economist John Maynard Keynes predicted in 1930—but it didn’t happen. Instead we find increasing competition, dwindling resources, few winners, and lots of losers. Nonetheless, sectors of the left have revived the dream of luxury for all, arguing that technology, liberated from the fetters of capitalism, could free us from the burden of waged work. Panelists include:
author Nick Srnicek; Nisi Shawl, journalist and science fiction writer; and author/ professor Jason E. Smith. Artist and organizer (and former Town Hall Artist In Residence) Minh Nguyen will moderate. This event is presented in partnership with Red May, a project offering programs around the city. Its mission: “To have one month a year when people are invited to think outside the box—that box being capitalism.”

Presented by: The Red May Tour and Town Hall as a part of our Civics series.

Series supported by:


True Brown Foundation

Series media sponsorship provided by:

KUOW 94.9
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