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Wed 12/16, 2020, 6:00pm
Lauren Ko with Emily Kim (livestream)
Modern Tart Art and Pie Design

Who doesn’t love a good pie, or a sweet tart? And while pies and tartes can be delicious, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they looked as great as they tasted? Have no fear, artist Lauren Ko has you covered. In a few short years, she went from novice pie baker to internet star and creator of today’s most surprising and delightful pie and tart designs. She joins us to reveal her secrets, and share stories about her designs and the inspiration behind them.

In this livestreamed conversation with Emily Kim, cofounder of The Pastry Project, Ko discusses her dazzlingly intricate and inventive designs. With reference to her gorgeous full-color cookbook—Pieometry: Modern Tart Art and Pie Design for the Eye and the Palate—she recounts the spectacular piesasters that led to some of her best creations, and breaks down her beautiful designs, describing how to make naturally-colored dough, intricate weaves, and striking cut-out patterns. Whether you want to impress at the holidays or just spruce up a family meal, don’t miss this guide to transforming a rustic traditional dessert into a modern masterpiece.

Lauren Ko is an artist, writer, self-taught home baker, and founder of the popular Instagram account @lokokitchen. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, O Magazine, Buzzfeed’s Tasty, and on-screen in Martha Bakes. Her iconic signature spoke design has been dubbed the “modern lattice.”

Emily Kim is cofounder of The Pastry Project, a social enterprise that provides free baking and pastry training to individuals with barriers to opportunity, and a learning space for all. Her community impact focus at The Pastry Project brings her love of pastry and social impact together, putting skills from her time in public policy at Seattle City Council and social impact and marketing at Molly Moon’s to work! Born and raised in Seattle, she loves building community in this city.

Sponsored by PCC Community Markets

Presented by Town Hall Seattle.

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