Mon 4/10, 2017, 5:30pm
UW Science Now
Katie Baker, Hannah Frizzell, and Katherine Xue
The Evolution of Disease and Treatment

Disease affects us all, whether in small ways, the prick of a needle at the doctor’s office, or large, a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. These three UW graduate students will discuss their investigations into aspects of disease and the evolution of treatment.

Hannah Frizzell has focused her research on developing easier and less expensive delivery platforms for vaccines, such as simply taking a pill. The challenges to this idea are found in our bodies’ own defense mechanisms.

Katherine Xue has studied rapidly evolving viruses like influenza, specifically, how and why flu evolves within a single person, during the course of a single infection. She is working to understand how this compares to the evolution of disease on a global scale.

Nearly every person’s life has been touched by cancer in one way or another. Katie Baker has studied the complex nature of the disease itself as well as the challenges, opportunities, and breakthroughs that cancer researchers face today.

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