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Wed 3/6, 2013, 7:30pm
Katherine Bouton
Life After Deaf: The Hidden Disability of Hearing Loss

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For 22 years, Katherine Bouton had a secret: She had gone profoundly deaf in her left ear, her right was getting worse, and she couldn’t hear what her New York Times colleagues were saying at news meetings. Bouton was losing her hearing, and was part of a national epidemic: Fifty million Americans suffer some degree of hearing loss, and it is not exclusively a product of aging. In her book “Shouting Won’t Help,” Bouton uses her experience as a guide to examine the challenges personally, psychologically, and physiologically, capturing what it’s like to live with an invisible disability—and offering a prescription for this increasing problem. Presented by Town Hall and University Book Store as part of the Future of Health thread of The Seattle Science Lectures, sponsored by Microsoft. Series media sponsorship provided by KPLU.

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