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Wed 2/27, 2013, 7:30pm
Joe Janes
Documents That Changed the World

Welcome to the Town Hall Media Library

We live in a world of documents—bland, formulaic, run-of-the-mill documents that nobody ever notices. Until Joe Janes tells their stories—and reveals their profound impacts. Inspired by the historic/narrative format of the BBC Radio series, A History of the World in 100 Objects, the UW Information School associate professor created the podcast series Documents That Changed the World—which a lot of people are noticing. From President Obama’s birth certificate to the AIDS quilt, “The Quotations of Chairman Mao,” and the first Internet protocol in 1981, Janes throws open the idea of a “document,” examining the twists and turns of history through select less-obvious (but more-revealing) samples—how they came to be; what they mean; and, in some cases, what they are becoming in a changing world. Presented by Town Hall.

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