Mon 1/18, 2021, 1:00pm
Jeremy Pressman & Mira Sucharov with Daniel C. Kurtzer (podcast)
In The Moment Podcast, Ep 82

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For decades, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been one that has crossed borders and become of international interest. In this week’s episode, professors Jeremy Pressman and Mira Sucharov share, with singular knowledge, their point of view on the conflict—and the way forward. In conversation with Daniel C. Kurtzer, they examine the default use of military force on both sides. Pressman contends that this force has prevented peaceful resolutions in the past, and asserts that diplomacy is the only way forward, as he argues in his book The Sword Is Not Enough: Arabs, Israelis, and the Limits of Military Force. Sucharov brings personal experience from her book Borders and Belonging: A Memoir, vulnerably relating her search for a political and emotional home, one that led her to live in Israel for three years in her twenties. Join them for a raw and poignant conversation about conflict, diplomacy, and resolution—and stay in the know about what’s happening in this moment at Town Hall Seattle.

Jeremy Pressman is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Middle East Studies at the University of Connecticut. He is author of Warring Friends: Alliance Restraint in International Politics and co-author of Point of No Return: The Deadly Struggle for Middle East Peace.

Mira Sucharov is Professor of Political Science and University Chair of Teaching Innovation at Carleton University, Canada. She is author of Public Influence: A Guide to Op-Ed Writing and Social Media Engagement and The International Self: Psychoanalysis and the Search for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, and co-editor of Social Justice and Israel/Palestine: Foundational and Contemporary Debates and Methodology and Emotion in International Relations: Parsing the Passions.

Daniel C. Kurtzer is Lecturer and the S. Daniel Abraham Professor of Middle East Policy Studies at Princeton University, and former U.S. ambassador to Israel and Egypt. He is co-author of Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: American Leadership in the Middle East and The Peace Puzzle: America’s quest for Arab Israeli Peace, 1989–2011, and editor of Pathways To Peace: America and The Arab Israeli Conflict.

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