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Wed 8/14, 2019, 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle and Cascade Psychedelic Community present
Jennifer Dumpert
Dreaming on the Edges of Mind

Liminal dreaming occurs at the boundaries of consciousness between waking and sleep. To guide us in harnessing one of the most unusual human experiences, Jennifer Dumpert presents a comprehensive array of practical exercises for accessing and lingering in our liminal dream states. She explores the brain states which together create our experience of dreaming—hypnagogia, the hallucinatory dream state through which we pass as we sink into sleep, and hypnopompia, the mesmerizing dreams we experience as we surface back into waking. Dumpert offers us techniques to harness the power of hypnagogia and hypnopompia and engage our dreaming minds to help us answer personal or intellectual questions or even, she says, encourage the healing process. Join Dumpert to learn about the power of liminal dream states to create an ideal circumstance for deep meditation, provide altered consciousness experiences, and offer each of us insight into the depths of our own psyche.

Jennifer Dumpert is a San Francisco-based writer and lecturer, and the founder of the Oneironauticum, an international organization that explores the phenomenological experience of dreams as a means of experimenting with mind.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Cascade Psychedelic Community.

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