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Mon 6/20, 2011, 7:30pm
Jeff Madrick
The Genesis of Our Greedy Era

In the 1970s, a decade of punishingly high inflation and unemployment, America passed into a new age and a new American ideology: self-interest over community concerns. Since then, says Jeff Madrick, author of Age of Greed, the pursuit and justification of self-interest have risen to levels of increasing destructiveness—and disconcerting normalcy. Madrick examines this era through the lives of those most responsible for it, and shows how, in the name of a moral battle for freedom, they sanctioned an age of intense inequity and instability. Presented by The Town Hall Center for Civic Life, with University Book Store. Series media sponsorship provided by PubliCola. Series supported by The Boeing Company Charitable Trust and the RealNetworks Foundation.

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