Nov 20, 2015
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Jason Mark
Protecting America’s ‘Wildness’
Friday, November 20, 2015, 7:00PM
The Forum

Jason MArk

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Washington residents are fortunate to enjoy an abundance of natural wonders–from the nearby Cascade mountains to the wealth of the Olympic Peninsula and its rain forests, wilderness is never far away. For Jason Mark, editor in chief of SIERRA magazine, connection to the wild “in the age of man” is hard to attain, but vital to our understanding of the planet we live on. He’ll discuss his travels to the country’s most remote places (including our very own Cascades) to show that, if you know where to look, “wildness” remains accessible. Mark will also explain why, as conscientious citizens, it’s our duty to protect the wild–not by containing and conserving, but by letting it be free.

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