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Sun 5/10, 2015, 2:00pm
Grant Hayter-Menzies
Lillian Carter: Caregiver, Activist, and Pioneer

Welcome to the Town Hall Media Library

Grant Hayter-Menzie

At a time when racial tensions and women’s rights are at the forefront of social dialogue, biographer and historian Grant Hayter-Menzies spotlights the trailblazing attitudes of one of our nation’s former First Mothers. Lillian Carter: A Compassionate Life chronicles her work as a white nurse in segregated Georgia, a Peace Corps volunteer in 1960s India, and her innovative ideas about social justice, equality, and what it means to show compassion for others. Bring your mother, children, and friends to this special Mother’s Day program looking at Carter’s lasting legacy, and Hayter-Menzies will share the lessons that everyone can learn from her work.

Presented by: Town Hall and University Book Store, as part of the Arts & Culture series.

Series supported by:

4culture_color   and  ArtsFund_Logo_Stacked_CMYKand StateAndFullName-B&W-HiRes and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

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