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Mon 2/27, 2017, 7:30pm
Gaslighting in Government

This event is sold out.  There will be a standby line.

“Gaslighting” refers to the phenomenon in which someone insists so strenuously on a false version of events that those listening start doubting the reality right in front of their eyes. Since Donald Trump took office, the term has made its way into the popular consciousness. Editorials say that the Trump administration regularly puts a spin on what should be straightforward facts, whether it’s accusing the national media of “fake news” or claiming attendance numbers at the inauguration were as high as Obama’s in 2008. Is the president deliberately trying to manipulate our perception?

University of Washington professors David Domke (communications) and Christopher Sebastian Parker (political science) will examine the concept of gaslighting, along with mental health professional R. Keith Myers, vice president of clinical and training services at Wellspring Family Services, to address this question and help us interpret what is really going on.

Presented by: Town Hall as a part of our Civics series.

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