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Fri 9/27, 2019, 7:30pm
Garifuna Collective and Hagucha Garinagu

The Garifuna people are the descendants of an Afro-indigenous population from the Caribbean island of St Vincent who were exiled to the Honduran coast in the eighteenth century and subsequently moved to Belize. For the first concert in Town Hall’s 2019-20 Global Rhythms series, we’re presenting a pair of groups whose music builds and maintains the Garifuna cultural identity—the Garifuna Collective and Hagucha Garinagu. 

The Garifuna Collective, former band for renowned Belizean Punta musician Andy Palacio, are a seasoned collective of musicians from across different generations, with a dynamic that comes from playing and traveling the world together, sharing their music and stories with global audiences. Their live performances spark the history and soul of Garifuna culture into vivid life, while their recordings dip into the massive well of Garifuna songs to create new compositions. Their newest album ABAN—which translates as “ONE” from the Garifuna language—brings traditional rhythms to the forefront and reflects the spirit of unity and self-sufficiency that has kept the Garifuna people, culture, and language alive in the Caribbean and Central America for over 300 years.

Joining Garifuna Collective is Ricardo Guity, born in Honduras of the Garifuna people and steeped in the rich rhythms of his culture from a young age. Ricardo takes the stage alongside Hagucha Garinagu (translating to “Garifuna Roots”), a musical collective dedicated to Garifuna music and traditional folklore. Together they celebrate Garifuna heritage by drawing on the primordial power of the drum and the strength of music as a universal language. Experience these two Garifuna sensations in back-to-back live performances!

Presented by Town Hall Seattle.

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