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Thu 10/11, 2012, 7:30pm
From Island Press
Preservation as a Sustainability Strategy

One of Seattle’s strengths is the opportunity present in its older buildings, a vital part of the city’s fabric. But Seattle is still learning how to best maximize this potential in a way that meshes with its goals and identity. With a green-building code under way in King County that will accommodate historic structures, now is a perfect time to take a closer look at the future of existing buildings—and the potential that lies within them. A panel including Robert Young, author of Stewardship of the Built Environment; Ellen Southard, principal and founder of Site Story; Liz Dunn of Preservation Green Lab and Dunn & Hobbes; and J. Todd Scott, who oversees King County’s landmark design review process, delves into best practices and new directions for incorporating historic buildings into sustainability programs and discusses how retrofitting can help retain the integrity and character of neighborhoods and small towns in the region. Presented as part of the From Island Press series by Town Hall and Island Press and the Town Hall Civic series, in association with IslandWood and Elliott Bay Book Company. Series supported by The Boeing Company, the RealNetworks Foundation, and the True/Brown Foundation.

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