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Wed 12/14, 2016, 7:30pm
Everything to Me
Homeless Seattleites & their Pets


Many people who are homeless rely on pets as for loyal companionship, protection, and a source of accountability. The benefits of animal ownership, including emotional support, decreased stress, and shared physical activities, have been well documented. For those who are homeless, this bond has been found to be even more important. Yet, there is a particular stigma placed on homeless people with pets—”You can’t take care of an animal if you can’t take care of yourself.” In reality, people who are homeless often put their pets’ needs ahead of their own, foregoing their own health and well-being.

Documentary photographer and One Health researcher Gemina Garland-Lewis is working to bring attention to this issue and facilitate a more permanent “One Health” clinic for homeless people and their pets to access health care and other resources. This event is an opportunity to see the moving images she has captured and hear firsthand from a few of the people who will be served by this project.

The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic will be at this event collecting non-monetary donations. Please feel free to bring items to donate such as packaged nonperishable food items, toys, pet treats, leashes/harnesses, and coats/raincoats.

Presented by: Town Hall as part of our Civics series.

Series supported by:

CMYKblue WEB   and  RealNetworks Foundation

and the True-Brown Foundation.

Series media sponsorship provided by:

KUOW 94.9


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