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Thu 5/12, 2016, 7:30pm
Eric Jay Dolin
An Illuminating History of Lighthouses

Dolin Eric

From Washington to Massachusetts, few things tie America’s two coasts together as well as the lighthouse. For historian Eric Jay Dolin (Leviathan) their history symbolizes the early days of the nation-building, progress and innovation. Brilliant Beacons is his portrayal of our “beloved coastal sentinels” and the colorful cast of characters who brought them to our hardscrabble coasts. He’ll offer a glimpse at the soldiers and sailors who helped make it happen and offer anecdotes of the political, military, and technological battles fought on their behalf. Dolin will also share images from his favorites around the country and impart why active lighthouses (including the one in Seattle’s Discovery Park) are critical for maritime safety. In his own words, “they truly are national treasures worthy of awe and admiration.”

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