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Tue 2/5, 2013, 7:30pm
Eddie Huang in conversation with Geo
‘Fresh Off the Boat’

Welcome to the Town Hall Media Library

One of the food world’s brightest and most provocative young stars (“the new Anthony Bourdain,” declared the New York Post), outspoken chef Eddie Huang is the 30-year-old proprietor of the Taiwanese hot spot Baohaus and host of the Vice series Fresh Off the Boat. But before he created the perfect home for himself in New York City, Huang burned his way through American culture, defying every “model minority” stereotype along the way as he looked for a place to call his own. In his memoir Fresh Off the Boat (and at Town Hall, in conversation with Blue Scholars’ similarly outspoken vocalist Geo), Huang shares stories of assimilation and alienation; his misadventures as an unlikely lawyer and stand-up comic; and how he finally threw everything he loved into his own restaurant, bringing together a legacy stretching back to China—and the shards of global culture he’d melded into his own identity. Presented by Town Hall as part of its Arts & Culture series, with University Book Store.

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