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Sun 10/25, 2020, 7:00pm
Earshot Jazz presents
Marina Albero Triple Solo
Part of the Earshot Jazz Festival

The Earshot Jazz Festival returns this year in an all-digital format! Now in its 32nd year, the 2020 festival will be streamed straight to you, with a mix of online concert performances, panel discussions, and an emphasis on racial, social, and gender justice. Jazz teaches us to listen, learn, and improvise. With Earshot’s typical programming model upended, they’re taking this opportunity to re-envision what a creative, community-focused jazz festival can look like.

Marina Albero’s stunning jazz piano technique and fascinating approach to the hammer dulcimer are influenced by her development in Barcelona and studies in Havana. In this livestreamed concert, she performs on three different instruments—piano, psalterium, and vibraphone—playing music that has risen out of her experience of living in Seattle during the worldwide pandemic. Her performance reflects the detachment from normal life during this isolated time, and the healing music can provide both physically and spiritually.

Presented by Earshot Jazz.

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