Thu 3/5, 2020, 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle and Institute for Systems Biology present
(postponed) Dr. David Eagleman
Can We Create New Senses For Humans?

Due to complications surrounding the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this event’s speaker will be unable to make the trip to Town Hall. As a result, this event has been canceled. We are working to identify a date to reschedule and will follow up with ticket buyers. If you would like your ticket purchase refunded, please contact us prior to the event at However, we hope you will consider supporting Town Hall during this challenging time by not requesting a refund and treating the price of the ticket as a donation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can we create new senses for humans? Dr. David Eagleman has spent years exploring synesthesia—a neurological condition of “crossed wiring” in the brain that connects the perception of multiple senses simultaneously. In his study of the experiences of individuals who can “hear” color or “taste” words, Eagleman has examined the pathways that our brains form when we experience stimulus from the world—and what happens when that stimulus defies our typical understanding of the senses. To mark the Institute for Systems Biology 20th anniversary Eagleman joins us to highlight our understanding of the signals and impulses our brains use to interpret information about the world. He draws from his new book Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain, delving into new research about sensory substitution and the potential plasticity of our brains. Sit in for a deep dive into our comprehension of our own brains, and the potential to rewrite the sensory future of humanity.

Following his keynote address, Dr. Eagleman joins brain health expert Dr. Mary Kay Ross for a panel discussion moderated by ISB Associate Director and Professor Dr. Nathan Price.

David Eagleman, PhD, is a Neuroscientist, TED speaker, Guggenheim Fellow, and New York Times bestselling author. He heads the Center for Science and Law, a national non-profit institute, and serves as an adjunct professor at Stanford University.

Mary Kay Ross, MD, FACEP, is the founder and CEO of the Seattle-based Brain Health & Research Institute. Prior to launching BHRI, Ross served as Chief Medical Officer of MPI Cognition, the firm credited with introducing multi-modal Alzheimer’s therapies to America. 

Nathan Price, PhD, is Professor and Associate Director of ISB, where he co-directs with Lee Hood the Hood-Price Integrated Lab for Systems Biomedicine. He is an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington in the Departments of Bioengineering, Computer Science & Engineering, and Molecular & Cellular Biology.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Institute for Systems Biology.

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