Wed 3/23, 2022, 6:00pm
Daniel Byman with C.E Bick
The Evolution and Threat of the White Power Movement

Daniel Byman is a political analyst and educator who has been researching and writing about terrorism for decades, with a particular focus on the Middle East. But in his latest book, Spreading Hate, Byman breaks down the evolution of the white power movement and its continued growth worldwide. How have we arrived at a place where white supremacist terrorism is not only a domestic concern but one of global proportions? And where do we go from here?

Byman contends that for almost two decades since 9/11, white supremacist terrorism has been relegated to a secondary concern in the U.S. and Europe, even though it was spreading. Over the past twenty years, acts of violence driven by white supremacist terrorists have led to the erosion of trust in Western democratic institutions, and the political impacts run deep.

As he traces the path of white power terrorism, Byman also examines common myths and gaps in current policies. He explains that the movement doesn’t necessarily seek to “go back in time” — in reality, it’s dynamic and exploitive of our most modern technologies, especially social media. He also explains that the movement has significant weaknesses, from shaky leadership to a general lack of unity. But Byman insists that threats from white power terrorism can be reduced if governments act quickly and treat them with the same urgency used to manage extreme violence in the Middle East. Can law enforcement, technology crackdowns, and international intelligence cooperation slow or stop the spread of hate? Byman shares a body of extensive research and the solutions that could help see us through.

Daniel Byman is a professor at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at Brookings. He is a widely published and nationally recognized expert on terrorism. Byman was a U.S. government analyst and a staff member on the 9/11 Commission, among other positions. His most recent books include A High Price: The Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism; Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Global Jihadist Movement, and Road Warriors: Foreign Fighters in the Armies of Jihad.

Carolyn Bick is a reporter for the South Seattle Emerald. Their work focuses on police accountability and shedding light on the issues surrounding the City of Seattle’s police accountability system.

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