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Sat 4/10, 2021, 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle and Earshot Jazz present
Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band (livestream)
Prolific Reggae Vocalist and His Ensemble

Born in Jamaica, Clinton Fearon became the bassist, vocalist, and lyricist of the mythic Gladiators at the age of 19. After leaving Jamaica in 1987, he started a new career in Seattle, forming a band with some of his Gladiators bandmates: The Defenders. Then in the mid-90s, he formed his own band, Clinton Fearon and Boogie Brown Band, who he now brings to the stage, encompassing drummer Greg Fields, and bassist Daniel Miller, keyboardist Noah Woycke. During Fearon’s musical journey, he has traveled the world to deliver magical guitar and vocal performances, presenting reggae songs filled with messages from the heart, presenting a glimpse of a man who is dedicating his life to help a better world to come. With chiselled music and poetic lyrics, he and the Boogie Brown Band open reggae up to a wider audience—all of us. Find out more about Clinton and his work at his website.

This program will be available to purchase and watch/rewatch until 4/15.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle

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