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Sat 8/7, 2021, 11:00am
Town Hall Seattle and Citizen University present
Civic Saturday
Presented In-Person and Virtually

Civic Saturday is a civic ritual — a place to come together in civic community, be inspired and encouraged to reflect and connect, and create new civic traditions that are joyful and communal.

We are facing many challenges as a nation and as a community. Many of us may feel disconnected, disheartened, or anxious about the state of our country, and at the same time, we feel a hopeful sense of possibility of a better future. Gathering together, reckoning with others, and committing to live like citizens are powerful ways for us to build civic muscle, so that we can create that better future together.

Civic rituals like Civic Saturday remind us that we aren’t alone and that we can–and must–take part in shaping the future of our communities and country. Together, we’re working to realize the promise of our democracy: opportunity, freedom, and justice for all.

What happens at Civic Saturday? We follow the arc of a faith gathering to borrow a time-tested tradition of building fellowship and faith. We’ll hear poetry, readings of civic texts, sing together, share thoughts and ideas, and hear a “civic sermon” from Eric Liu. We’ll also break into Civic Circles, where we’ll talk in small groups.

This event will also feature poetry from Jourdan Imani Keith (Civic Poet of Seattle) and music from Olivia Brownlee.

For this gathering, we will gather in-person with a small live audience in Seattle and via livestream for those who are not local or prefer to join from home. Civic Saturday is free and open to all. RSVPs required, and those who are joining virtually will receive a Zoom link for Civic Circles after the livestream.

Find out more about Civic Saturday and sign up for our newsletter at!

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