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Fri 6/29, 2012, 7:30pm
Chris Hedges
Reports from the Frontlines of American Poverty

As the nation’s poorest city per capita, Camden, N.J., is a poster child of postindustrial decay—and a warning to us all, says Chris Hedges. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, co-author of the graphic nonfiction book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, traveled to the most depressed areas of the United States to show what happens when a society loses a sense of the sacred and nothing has an intrinsic value beyond monetary values. Amid sky-high unemployment and threatened social services, Hedges warns of a bleak near-future where cities such as Camden—and even states—fall into bankruptcy, neofeudalism reigns, and the nation’s working and middle classes are decimated. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store. Series media sponsorship provided by PubliCola. Series supported by The Boeing Company, the RealNetworks Foundation, and the True/Brown Foundation.

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