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Thu 12/15, 2016, 7:30pm
Artist-in-Residence Findings
Chat Room: Politics of Resistance
With Minh Nguyen

Chat Room is a series of forums about how the internet has changed art. Each edition wades through a different topic, with special guests and filmed segments. This conversation hour will consider the multifarious and at times thorny relationship between art and technology, the shifting attitudes towards “the creative class”, electronic civil disobedience, and the local and international use of art for social and political resistance.

Chat Room is organized by Minh Nguyen, produced by Claire Buss, with set design by Amanda Katherine Pitsch. Typically in partnership with Northwest Film Forum, this special edition of Chat Room moves to Town Hall as a project of its artist-in-residence program.

Presented by: Town Hall as a part of its In Residence and Arts & Culture series.

Series supported by:

Arts WA

Series media sponsorship provided by:

KUOW 94.9


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