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Feb 20, 2018
Town Hall Seattle and Second Inversion present
A Cello Conspiracy Encore Broadcast
Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 7:30PM

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Broadcast on Second Inversion

In December, Town Music’s artistic director Joshua Roman presented our Town Music series with A Cello Conspiracy, a hand-picked arrangement of talented musicians—and joined the group himself for a special performance alongside this exquisite quartet. We were thrilled to present this inspiring event to a full house of chamber music fans from across Seattle. Now Town Hall is pleased to partner with Second Inversion for an encore broadcast of this sold-out concert! A full audio recording of the evening’s performance will be streamed worldwide on February 20th at 7:30pm on  

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Click to learn more about each of these talented musicians: Joshua Roman, Efe Baltacigil, Eric Han, Meeka Quan DiLorenzo, and Nathan Chan.


Mozart: Overture from Marriage of Figaro (arr. Moore)
Wagner: Overture from Tannhäuser
Mozart: Sonata
Christopher Cerrone: On Being Wrong
Richard Strauss: “Beim Schlafengehen” from Four Last Songs
Reena Esmail: Munni Badnam
Anthony DiLorenzo: Kaleidoscope
Paganini: “Moses” Variations for two cellos (arr. Demenga)


Josquin: Untitled (arr. Jacot)
Anne Wilson: Lament
Purcell: Fantasia Upon One Note (arr. Moore)
Edward Elgar: “Nimrod” from Enigma Variations
Rossini: Overture from Barber of Seville
Led Zeppelin: “Stairway to Heaven”

Program Notes:

I’m excited to welcome you to tonight’s celebration of cello ensemble music. This concert is especially gratifying for me—an all-cello night to commemorate Town Music’s tenth anniversary season.

I find the cello’s timbre reminiscent of the human voice, resonant in ways that become inescapably clear to the musician who holds the instrument close enough to feel its vibrations. The graceful curved shape of the cello has often been likened to the human figure—and the musician cultivates a warm intimacy when embracing the instrument to play. It’s that intimate connection to sound which first drew me to the cello, and it’s a big part of why I’ve remained so passionate about music all of these years.

So here we are—with not one cello, but four! The instrument’s melodic range and stylistic versatility is only now being truly explored. Composers and modern chamber musicians make a strong case for arranging works with more complex orchestration for all-cello ensembles such as tonight’s.

I’m honored to present four cellists who have joined our community and lent their astounding talents to the Seattle Symphony since my departure. Every time I return I find the orchestra’s sound and passion very moving, and I am proud to see the constant musical development of its members both individually and collectively. These are committed and exciting musicians, and it’s a joy to share the stage with them at any opportunity.

Tonight’s repertoire features the world premiere of the four-cello version of Christopher Cerrone’s On Being Wrong. World premieres are both a rare treat and a staple of the Town Music experience.

You’ll also hear familiar works from the orchestra stage, recast to highlight their rich harmonic qualities and intricate layers of emotion. The performance tonight is primarily a celebration of these four talented musicians and their fierce dedication to their craft—though I’ll make a few appearances myself. Most notably, we’ll perform Lament, by Anne Wilson, the work that first convinced me that cello ensemble arrangements have potential to transcend the narrow confines of their 20th century manifestation.


– Joshua Roman

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