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Sat 12/2, 2023, 11:00am
Town Hall Seattle and Northwest Folklife present
Saturday Family Concert: Capoeira Angola
Celebrating Afro-Brazilian Traditions
A close-up shot of two capoeira dancers mid-performance

Experience the joy of music at Town Hall Seattle’s Saturday Family Concerts, where captivating performances and interactive musical adventures create cherished memories for all ages!

Delve into the world of Afro-Brazilian traditions by exploring the berimbau, a traditional instrument rooted in both Angolan and Brazilian cultures, integral to accompanying dance, storytelling, and the art form of capoeira. Engage in spirited song and dance through call-and-response activities led by samba instructor Deise Costa. Immerse yourself in the dynamic dance of Capoeira under the guidance of Mestre Silvinho and discover the ancient storytelling and self-defense artistry encapsulated within this captivating form.

Afro-Brazilian arts & culture represent a vibrant tapestry deeply woven with historical roots and diverse lineages. The echoes of the trans-Atlantic slave trade resonate through South American culture, intermingling with Indigenous and European traditions, resulting in an intricate and interconnected array of artistic expressions and heritage. This blend of influences has fostered a rich cultural landscape, celebrating the resilience and creativity of the communities it represents.

As with all of our Saturday Family Concerts, this event is free for ages 22 and under.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Northwest Folklife.

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