Jun 5, 2017
UW Science Now
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Ruby Byrne, Meredith Staub, and Shannon Kachel
Modern Telescopes, An Elusive Molecule, and the Complexities of Competing Predators
Monday, June 5, 2017, 5:30PM
The Forum

For the most part, our universe is a vast mystery, but astrophysicists in the last century have begun filling in the blanks of the universe’s earliest history with the use of modern radio telescopes. Ruby Byrne, a physics graduate student at the University of Washington, will explain how telescopes are providing new clues about the secrets of our universe.

Meredith Staub presents her findings about CH5+, a particularly energetic molecule that is a key link in the chain that creates many common chemicals. She presents a method for computer simulation of CH5+ which will hopefully present clearer picture of the elusive molecule, so that it will be easier to identify.

Shannon Kachel discusses the unanticipated effects of competition between two sets of predators in Central Asia. Threatened snow leopards and wolves compete fiercely with each other for the same few, scarce prey animals. And surprisingly, this dynamic results in a win-win for both species. This more nuanced understanding interaction in these ecosystems could impact conservation policy and help protect endangered species.

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