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Thu 4/22, 2021, 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle & The Black Farmers Collective present
Black Earth Day (livestream)
A Panel On Black Urban Farming & The Environmental Movement

Join Town Hall and the Black Farmers Collective for a celebration in honor of the 51st annual Earth Day. We eagerly anticipate gathering again to resume days of service on future Earth Days, but this year’s Black Earth Day celebration features a virtual panel discussing the intersection of Black urban farming and the environmental movement. Listen in as they speak about Black urban farm examples, food and the environment, and historical contributions and modern innovation when it comes to Black food culture.

The Black Farmers Collective is a two-acre urban agriculture farm run by a distributed network of cutting-edge Black farmers and growers throughout the Greater Seattle area. Black Earth Day is part of Black Farmers Collective’s Earth Week programs. Find out more about the other programs, urban farming, and the Black Farmers Collective here.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Black Farmers Collective.

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