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May 27, 2020
Red May Seattle presents
The Neoliberal City after the Plague
During a typical season, Town Hall would be partnering with Red May to help produce this event in our space. This season, Red May will be presenting and streaming these events themselves—but that doesn’t mean we can’t help spread the word! Check out Red May’s calendar for more events.
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 5:00PM

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Shell companies gorge on available real estate. Rents are too damn high. Seventy percent of Americans are a medical emergency away from being homeless. That was the Neoliberal City before the Plague. What’s it going to look like afterwards? How might the pandemic change the strategies, tactics, agendas, priorities, and material conditions of already-existing urban movements in the US and internationally, such as those for housing, healthcare, labor, racial justice, indigenous sovereignty, gender and sexual liberation, and environmental justice? What new movements or mobilizations must arise in response to the multiple dimensions of this crisis as they continue to unfold in our cities and beyond? What are two possible futures — one that you would hope to build, and one that you would resist — that could play out in your city in the wake of this pandemic?

Featuring Cal Winslow, Emily Cunningham with, Michel Chen and Sarah Jaffe

Presented by Red May Seattle with support from Town Hall Seattle.

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