Aug 9, 2020
Barney ‘Scout’ Mann (livestream)
Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail
Sunday, August 9, 2020, 7:30PM
Digital Stage

In 2007, six hikers tackled the Pacific Crest Trail—2,650 miles, Mexico to Canada, five months with no safety rails. From the very start they knew this: only one in three hikers make it. Perhaps three hundred made the attempt that year—Barney ‘Scout’ Mann was one of those hikers, and in his new memoir Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail, he brings us along for the riveting ride.

As a lifelong hiker traveling with his wife, Mann thought he was prepared for their adventure—but he and the rest were tested by a once-in-a-generation drought and early severe winter storms. In this livestreamed presentation, Mann weaves together an ensemble story of these half-dozen hikers as they slowly form relationships along the trail and reveal their deepest secrets and aspirations. Join us for a look at Mann’s compelling memoir, a story of grit, compassion, and the relationships people forge when they strive toward a common goal.

Barney Scout Mann is an author, long-distance hiker, and outdoor advocate. He served as the Chairman of the Board for the Pacific Crest Association for three years, and now serves as President of the Partnership for the National Trails System. His articles have appeared in Backpacker Magazine, The New York Times, the Oregonian, and more.

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