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Wed 6/20, 2012, 7:30pm
Anthony Swofford
A Marine’s Battles Beyond ‘Jarhead’

After the success of Jarhead, Anthony Swofford assumed he had exorcised his military demons— but, as veterans know, that isn’t how it works. Consumed by drugs, booze, fast cars, and the wrong women, the Gulf War soldier almost lost everything and everyone that mattered. But a series of RV trips with his dying father and a chance encounter with a like-minded woman helped him grapple with his volatile past and forge a path toward redemption; in his new memoir Hotels, Hospitals & Jails, Swofford struggles to make sense of what his military service meant, and to decide—after nearly ending it—what his life can and should become. Swofford will be in conversation with US Army Sgt. Rick Walters, a filmmaker and musician who has 10 years of service including combat service in Iraq as an Infantryman, and is currently active duty at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Presented by Town Hall, with Elliott Bay Book Company.

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