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Mon 9/17, 2012, 7:30pm
Alex Berezow
The Left isn’t Always Right, Science-wise

With consensus-defying positions on evolution, global warming, and stem-cell research, the modern Republican party is considered by many observers an enemy of science. OK, says Seattle science writer Alex Berezow, those beliefs are scientifically wrong—but there are equally dangerous attacks on science originating on the other side of the political spectrum. Citing commonly held liberal positions on vaccines, clean energy, and genetically modified food, the co-author of Science Left Behind argues a Progressive bias against hard science, assesses the fallacies that motivate the left’s misguided beliefs—and proves that anti-scientific thinking is a bipartisan phenomenon. (As always at Town Hall, if you find your passion stirred after Berezow’s talk—political, scientific, or otherwise—you’ll have an opportunity to voice your opinion, too.) Presented as part of Seattle Science Lectures, with Pacific Science Center and University Book Store. Series sponsored by Microsoft. Series media sponsorship provided by KPLU.

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