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Sat 5/22, 2021, 6:45pm
HealthPoint presents
A Virtual Concert with Naomi Wachira
An Evening of Music and Celebration

To kick off their year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration, HealthPoint features Kenyan-American singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira for an evening of inspiring music. Acclaimed musician Naomi Wachira grew up singing gospel music in a choir of family and friends. Inspired by the music of Tracy Chapman and Miriam Makeba, she wanted to follow suit, making the world a better place by writing music that is poignant and life-affirming.

Restaurant partner Nue Seattle curates a trio of appetizers for two, highlighting cuisines from across Africa. The gluten-free appetizers are : West African Jollof Rice (a rich tomato base flavored with West African spice meets delicate, long grain rice in this classic and spicy West African comfort dish), Nigerian Suya Spice Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs (tender chicken bites with an assortment of local veggies, crusted with a bold blend of ground peanuts, fresh ginger, garlic, paprika, and maggi spice), and South African Vegan Bobotie (a hearty dish of curried, spiced vegetables, layered and baked with a creamy egg topping). The food package includes African-sourced, locally-roasted beans from Boon Boona Coffee in Renton. Please note: Delivery is limited to King County. Gift cards to these restaurants are available in lieu of food delivery.

Join them for this evening of music and treats to launch the celebration of 50 years of care. To find out more about HealthPoint or to make a donation, visit

Presented by HealthPoint.

For 50 years, HealthPoint has strengthened communities and improved people’s health by delivering quality health care services and breaking down barriers to ensure that all people in need of access to primary health care can get the care they need when they need it, regardless of ability to pay. HealthPoint’s 19 locations offer care from teams of doctors, dentists, counselors, and other providers.

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