Call for Applicants: 2018 Elections Correspondent

Creating Conversations Beyond the Headlines

Edward Wolcher | 7/20/2018

The 2018 midterm election rapidly approaches, and with it comes a growing sense of political urgency throughout the country. The dramatic election and presidency of Donald Trump two years ago continues to upend American politics, and many people previously alienated from the process have gotten involved in elections this year as candidates, activists, and commentators. Nationally, the prospect of a shift of power in congress excites the hopes of liberals, while at the same time there is growing division about the identity of the Democratic party. In Washington State, sweeping initiatives on carbon emissions and gun regulation are likely to appear on the ballot, drawing national attention (and money). Unusual politics have become usual, and those of us who follow politics or participate in activism can already feel our heads spinning.

At Town Hall, we seek to foster civic discussions that are richer and deeper than the sensational daily news cycle. We believe in the intelligence of our community, and in the small-d democratic potential of grassroots conversation. We also strongly support the inspiring entry of new voices into the political discourse, especially from populations traditionally underrepresented in mainstream media. We hope to elevate perspectives that can arrive at deeper truths than tired conventional wisdoms.

In this spirit, we’re excited to announce a new correspondent opportunity to help our organization and our broader community navigate this tumultuous election season. We are seeking applicants with experience as journalists or political analysts who can create programs that cut through the noise and help us arrive at those deeper truths, who can illuminate and elevate the movement-building stories behind horse-race headlines.

The elections correspondent will help us tell this story through writing and podcasting, and will work with us to build programs that effectively cover the local and national stories that our audiences need to know about. They will also have the opportunity to interview some of the writers and activists who appear on our stages. The opportunity is meant for someone who is already engaging seriously with politics, but who could use Town Hall’s platform to expand their work and reach new audiences. We hope this is an exciting, useful opportunity for developing journalists in this critical moment, and look forward to working with our correspondent to set the tone for a rollercoaster Fall.

-Edward Wolcher, Curator of Lectures

Note: Town Hall does not require false-equivalency or “both-sides-ism” journalism. We appreciate and understand that applicants will have values and points of view. These are entirely appropriate as long as they are disclosed. This is not, however, an advocacy-journalism opportunity and applicants must not be affiliated with a specific campaign on the 2018 ballot, and must be willing to fairly and accurately engage with different points of view.

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