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An Update from Town Hall – January 5, 2024


Dear Town Hall Community,  

As we begin a new year, we are writing to announce the departure of David Song from Town Hall Seattle, effective December 13, 2023. We wish David well, and we have named Finance and Administration Director Morgan Larsen as Acting Executive Director. A transition plan is underway, and we expect to appoint an Interim Executive Director in the next four to six weeks.   

We are honored to serve a strong and stable organization. Town Hall’s staff brings decades of skill and experience to the organization’s ongoing work to bring vital conversations, inspiring artistic performances, and innovative thinkers to our stages. Town Hall’s role as a cultural convener in both the artistic and civic senses matters more than ever. Our commitment to the staff – as well as to Town Hall’s partners, donors, patrons, and the community at large – remains steadfast as we move through this transition.  

2024 is a significant year for us, marking 25 years – a whole quarter-century – of Town Hall Seattle. Together with our incredible staff, dedicated board, and unwavering supporters, we look forward to serving our community for the next quarter-century, and far beyond.  

Thank you,   

The Town Hall Seattle Board  

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