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Thu 5/28, 2015, 12:00am
Richard Thaler with Nathan Myhrvold
Human Error, Redefining Behavioral Economics

Richard Thaler

Renowned economist Richard Thaler (Nudge) breaks down popular assumptions about economics–and society’s behaviors. Contrary to traditional economic thought, his theories explain why people (and their brains) are actually the driving force behind economics. In his latest work Misbehaving, he outlines “some of the most important insights in modern economics” (Malcolm Gladwell), sharing how personal biases and irrational opinions have a dramatic impact on every aspect of life–from Uber rides and the NFL draft to personal finances–pointing to concrete solutions for better decision-making for individuals, businesses, and government. Thaler will appear in conversation with Nathan Myhrvold, the co-founder of Intellectual Ventures.

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Presented by: Town Hall and Elliott Bay Book Company, through The Seattle Science Lectures.

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